Some Cops...

Some Cops suck.

A Locust cop just pulled me over for having my music too loud ? ? ? ? Go figure. I drive a Honda Civic. The only time it was too loud is when I had the exhaust all messed up.

Guess he just didn't like Nickelback :D

My Forte

I've learned something about myself lately. I'm very good at racing, and I love racing.

Either on a motorcycle, in my newly performance enhanced Honda, on foot, or even jumping out of a plane. I love to race.

Now that I weigh only 180 pounds and I've been having tremendous amounts of extra energy, so I've been running. It's like a new hobby or something. I can run at top speed for a full mile and a quarter, or run about 4 miles at normal pace without slowing down much. I've gotten back into the Concord street races, and the other day totally kicked some ass on 485 while on my motorcycle.

I've been enjoying life, but with my Air Force departure date well within two weeks it looks like all good things must come to an end
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(f '.' )f v.s. <('.'<)

So I've discovered I have three levels of drunkenness.

The first level: Depressed drunk - I more or less start to think about things I shouldn't think about. But then I get creative and start thinking like a geek and that leads to the next level.

The second level: I a happy go lucky fun drunk - this phase is the best phase because I'm both witty and relaxed at the same time.

The third level: Shhhh drunk - To much of a good thing is never a good thing. This is when I've decided everything is annoying, and usually last through out the entire recovery process
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I love you rock music playing in the background
I love being skinny
I love the military id's
I love you punk kids
I love this guys phone whom i've dubed ralph
I love bar hoping
I lvoe this phone

Just Ausronic 041

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Comic Comment:
This happens way to much, and it doesn't just happen to girls either ._.

Other Comments:
Have a happy New Year guys, have fun but keep safe.


WOW !!! I just heard this great song called Belive Me by Fort Minor and it rocks.
What are you waiting for get out their buy this album or download now now now
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Christmas Time

From a friend:

"[18:42] gir5678: hey, im getting ready to go to my grandmas, that was really sweet putting the gift in the mail box, i love it by the way, thank you"

Your welcome, ^_^ I love being sweet.

The Loot:
Nintendo Wii and Zelda <3
Car Stereo System, OMG sounds sooo much better

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All your hugs are belong to pur!

Comic News:
Well sorry guys, but life picked up speed. When I made the daily comic promise I had no idea my life would of become so busy. Actually today is the day in the last week that I've spent more than 5 minutes on my computer. Expect a special comic on Monday ;D

Other News:
Merry Christmas !!!